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There’s lots to do at TJ Ranch or “close to home”. Joan has a map to guide you to local attractions. Guests often hike around the property or jog the phenomenal hills on the rural road outside. Informal coffee tours can be arranged at the neighboring farm, Hacienda Opiolla, a six hundred acre coffee, plantain and citrus plantation up the road. Arecibo has a variety of beautiful beaches and surf breaks that are often overlooked in guidebooks.

Two local birders can arrange a variety of tours including the birding at TJ Ranch. Arrangements should be made in advance. Gabriel Lugo- 610-787-9977: or Julio Salgado-787-669-5468:

Local Attractions:

Dos Bocas Lake: Ferry boat rides daily and on weekends there are restaurant “hawkers” inviting you to dine at their restaurants. Rancho Marina is a favorite of many.

Arecibo Observatory: The world’s largest radio telescope  located 45 minutes from TJ Ranch. For more information: 787-878-2612

Window Cave: A local cave which has become a tourist attraction with an incredible view.

Camuy Cave Park: Guided tours of one of the largest cave systems in the world, famous for its underground river.

Caguana Ceremonial Park: Taino Indian ceremonial park with petroglyphs and carvings of Puerto Rico’s first inhabitants. For more information: 787-894-7325

Batey  Ziplines: Ziplines, caving and rapelling above the Tanama River with wonderful knowledgeable guides. For more information: 787-484-3860

La Planta Waterfall: A  river hangout with a waterfall.The waterfall flow is controlled by the local water plant..

Cueva del Indio: Located on the ocean’s edge, Cueva del Indio is the spot to enjoy the ocean view or go down a ladder to the cave itself and see the indian petroglyphs.

Hay mucho que hacer en TJ Ranch y en su alrededores. Juanita te puede proveer un mapa de atracciones locales. Los huéspedes pueden caminar la finca o correr las lomas gigantes de la carretera. Se puede arreglar una gira informal de la finca, Hacienda Opiolla, una finca de seiscientos cuerdas de cafe, platanos y citricos.  Arecibo tiene muchas playas bonitas y olas para correr tabla aunque no estan mencionados en guias turísticas.

Para los amantes de aves, pueden admirarlos en TJ Ranch o reservaruna gira con los guias profesionales locales: Gabriel Lugo-610-787-9977: o Julio Salgado-787-669-5468:
Atracciones Locales:

Lago Dos Bocas: Se puede tomar la lancha  o en los fines de semana comer en los restaurantes. Rancho Marina es uno de los famosos.

Observatorio de Arecibo: Localizado a 45 minutos de TJ Ranch, el Observatorio es el telescopio radial mas grande del mundo.  Para mas información: 787-878-2612

Cueva de Ventana: Es una cueva local de gran atracción turística con vista fenomenal.

Cavernas de Camuy: Gira por guias de una de la mas grandes cavernas del mundo. Es famoso por su río subterraneo.

Parque Ceremonial Caguana: Parque ceremonial de los indios Tainos que tiene petroglifos de los primeros inhabitantes  de la isla boricua. Para mas información: 787-894-7325

Batey Ziplines: Ziplines, rapelling y paseo por las cuevas del rio Tanama con guias maravillosos y bien informados. Para mas información: 787-484-3860

Cascada de La Planta: Un rio bueno para “jangear” que tiene una bella cascada. El fluyo del agua de la cascada esta controlado por una planta del agua.

Cueva del Indio: Es una cueva al lado del oceano que tiene petroglifos de los indios. Puedes caminar sobre la cueva y disfrutar de la hermosa vista o bajar una escalera para aceder la cueva como tal.

I am glad we chose to stay at TJ’s for most of our trip to Puerto Rico. We did take day trips, but always got back to the ranch for late afternoon relaxation.

We stayed there two nights in late May, mainly to bird the property and surrounding areas with the help of a guide… the birding was astonishing. Juanita and Tony were most gracious hosts, the casitas we occupied were very comfortable and clean, and the food was super. Highly recommended for a relaxing time in a natural setting.

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