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No Excuses

A couple of years ago I re-learned the hula-hoop listening to Pitbull….. 

♫♬♪ ♫♬♪  …. I know you want me

You know I want cha (want cha) (Hahaha)


Uno-dos-tres-cuatro…  ♫♬♪ ♫♬♪ 

(artist: Pitbull, song: I know you want me )

…and I moved my body. I swiveled my hips, lifted my arms and after the three minute song, I was exhausted. This is the ticket; this will keep me in shape. I’ll no longer wake up stiff with back aches; I’ll feel brand new….but then I quit. If I pick up the hula hoop now, the only exercise I’ll get is bending to pick it up off the floor.


Then there was yoga. I followed  religiously a morning yoga class on Puerto Rico educational TV. I found a class I liked and I did it….and then one day it was no longer on the air. I quit yoga.

I have a swimming pool

Ok..there should be no excuses. I have a pool and I used to be a good swimmer. I’ve tried swimming laps, but can never get into the “zone”. For some reason I keep counting in my head..1..1..1..1, 2..2..2.. etc. It’s so boring. I tell myself that it doesn’t matter how many laps I do…I can time it or just do it until I’m tired, and then do one more. I made up routines to make things interesting: 2 crawls, 2 breast strokes, 2 side strokes and 2 backstrokes, but I went crooked going backwards and it still was boring. I sometimes do  aquatic yoga but that takes about three minutes, if I remember the stretches. I’m going to use a mask and snorkel next time because the crawl hurts my back. Anyway, not today…but maybe someday.

The Ball​

It sits in the living room. It should be so easy. I can sit and watch TV and “do the ball”. Once in a while I actually do it. I sit on the ball and bounce a bit wondering if this is what’s good for my thighs. I twist a little and I lie on my back moving the ball back and forth. I seem to forget the real exercises it’s made for and put the ball away. I have found the dvd it came with, so it’s not a lost cause… maybe I’ll try it again…. someday.


I was listening to old Laura Nyro, Flora Purim, Stevie Wonder songs on Pandora…grooving to nostalgia when suddenly Pitbull came on. He is not one of my favorites but for some reason he gets me moving.  I started dancing. My dancing nowadays looks more like the years of aerobic class .. “step together step” , etc. but I was moving….arms and legs….stretching …and was tired when the music stopped. This is what I should do!! I’ll dance for exercise!! Zumba, Bellydance, Jazz…I took out my dance dvds and tried one…”Hip Hop for beginners” which looked more like “Footloose “ combined with an aerobic class. It was ok, a little strain on my neck looking up at the tv. I bet I won’t do that for a while.

Some of my DVDs..the juggler was a guest of our's at TJ Ranch

My walk out back

As you can see, I have a lot of exercise excuses, so I’m amazed that I actually do my  “Walk”. I call it my “pendejo walk” cause it’s not much. It takes about 15 minutes. I go down the camping hill, walk to the back, do the camping hill again…and home. It’s not long and it’s not hard, but when I don’t do it, I feel the difference.  I guess it’s doing something. It seems to be the only exercise routine I actually do every day. The dog(s) come with me and maybe the camping hill is a work out because the dogs often wait at the top of the hill on my second round. My phone marks my music, no podcasts, just steps. Well…that’s all for now… Bye-bye…gotta go walk.

The camping hill
The dog waiting while I do the hill a second time
My phone keeps track...and doesn't lie.

Post Script

While finishing this blog, I had the pleasure of watching a video by Jessie Washington, the daughter of my good friend, Reverend Joseph Washington. He too takes walks. During his 5 mile walk he covers more ground than I do, in all sense of the word. He’s a busy man, with a higher agenda and much to do, but I feel inspired just knowing that my friend and I are walking under the same sky seeking inner and outer peace. Keep on truckin’ amigo mio.

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  1. Marsha

    I love this and am inspired to move more. I have some of those same excuses (no pool though!) but stopped the routines a while back. Time to move!!

  2. Sonia Bastante

    I got an indoor bike and a Boflex…Started very well. Doing this oh Yesss…Don’t know what’s happened lately. I can only look at them from afar.. Mondays are new start days. Next Monday…(to be continued)…Love your blog…

  3. Ellen

    your lucky to be in PR – no big snow storm like we’re having now. Ugh.

  4. Sarah Ratliff

    Joan, this is a beautiful blog and piece of writing. It’s inspiring and inspired. I was actually going to invite myself over on Sunday to swim and do the pendejo walk with you.

  5. Martha Moya

    I kind of start doing a lot of stretches which my arthritis really needs glad to say that I do continue and having PT 2x a week helps. It does help having a partner that can push us to continue and join us walking. Don’t give up muscles get tight and you start hurting. Take care amiga!

  6. Susana

    Thanks for the reminder to revisit your blog. You are a terrific writer and I think all of us who know you are touched by hearing your “voice” on the page. You say I’m your health guru but my body is going south like everyone else’s. I had my passport ready in May to do my 4th Camino – this time the Portugués. We all know how that turned out. So … I try to walk every other day. You’d think that after 68 years in NYC, I’d know every inch. Not true!! Every time I go out – especially to the parks – I discover something new. If I bring my binoculars I get less exercise but see more. On the other hand, without them, when I walk fast and get into my zone, like Rev Washington, I “see” a lot. So, what can you discover beyond the pendejo walk?

  7. Luisa i Lumbano

    I love your blog !
    Very inspiring…I am slowly getting my energies back, “post chemo”.
    I read books,I found one the title,
    – Not just sit there…do nothing!
    It’s a true book,and I practicing it for now!

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