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It’s too hot, too sandy, too windy……, it’s perfect

By now I thought I would’ve cleaned the closet, fixed picture albums, organized plastic bins and thrown away old bank statements and although I’ve done bits and pieces, I really haven’t finished any task completely. We were just getting used to closing our business and settling into retirement so most of my Covid organization plans were on my “to do list” anyway so why do I feel so out of sorts? It’s been almost seven months of Covid “quarantine” and my life isn’t that different. I never went to movies and rarely went out to eat, but I’m not the same. Too much news, internet and politics have affected me. It’s addicting especially when I have more time on my hands, so when my son asked if I wanted to go to the beach, I jumped at the question. Of course I want to go!!

I sat on the beach and looked out over the water. I felt the wind in my face and the sand in my toes. I took deep breaths. I started to take pictures but my phone couldn’t capture the surfer or the waves. I started to look at my phone, but quickly put it away. Breathe…………look at the pelicans ride the waves and dive for fish.

The next day I went with him again. This time it was easier to relax. I thought I “should” walk on the beach, but decided not to….it’s good exercise but not easy…sloped dunes and not much flat beach at low tide…rocky and windy. I went to the car and found some paper to try to sketch. The drawings aren’t great… looking out at the beach and up at the palms, but it was a nice way to clear my mind.

Hallows Beach Arecibo, PR

So I don’t think I’ll go back to that beach often by myself because I’ll have my same old excuses that “it’s too hot; it’s too windy; it’s too sandy” but I have thought of places to go near the water where I can walk by myself….I know I need it…….it’s good for the soul.

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  1. Marsha

    I share so many of your half-done plans, and just recently got out of the rut for a first trip to nature (to a park with a river). Turned my attitude around 180 much needed degrees! Keep it up, and enjoy the beauty around us. (Eventually the to-do list might get done, but if not it isn’t the worst thing that could happen.)

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