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…it must be Christmas

Poinsettia: Tropicals Plant?

It’s Christmas time and they’re everywhere… poinsettias or pascuas as we know them here in Puerto Rico. Beautiful red, white, pink and  various shades in between, poinsettias are selling like hot cakes.


Why now? Pascuas are growing everywhere all the time, but it’s this time of year when their green leaves slowly turn red. I used to plant our small potted Pascua outside, but it would inevitably be cut down in its green state looking more like a weed than a majestic symbol of winter.

Many people think that the poinsettia plant is deadly, but the poison control center says that the poinsettia can be irritating but not fatal. If children or pets eat it, they can develop a mouth rash and  upset stomach. The sap can cause a skin rash like other milky saps in the tropics.

No es tan venenosa como reportada. Puede causar dolor de barriga, sarpullido e irritaciones pero no puede causar la muerte.

potted pascua years ago
same pascua this year, slowly turning colors
turning redder but needing a little TLC

Happy Holidays…enjoy rice and gandules, roasted pork, pasteles and something vegetarian. Plant your poinsettia outside after enjoying it in your house…but don’t be fooled when it changes color.

poinsettias changing from green to red

Felicidades mi gente….que disfruta su navidad con arroz y gandules, lechón asado, pasteles y algo vegetariano…..y que ponga su pascua en la casa y después siembra la en el patio. Cuidado…cuando cambia de color puede ser que te enga~e.

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