You are currently viewing Food for thought…………………………….. or what do you want for dinner?

Food for thought…………………………….. or what do you want for dinner?

Before I delve into this subject, I must preface it with gratitude and the recognition that I am fortunate to have the luxury of trying to decide what to eat. Many who have never experienced food shortages are now wondering where their next meal will come from. We are lucky to have our freezers full and just need to answer the daily question, “what do you want to eat?”

Even during the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, we were uniquely fortunate to have food…in fact too much food. We had to use up the food of our restaurant because generators were breaking and food would spoil, but that’s another story.

Now we’re in a pandemic. It’s been a year and I know people are tired of cooking at home and unable to go out. The stay at home order was not hard for us…cooking at home is what we’ve done for the last 35 years. I live with a chef who does better (and faster) short order cooking than anywhere around. We don’t go to restaurants….and never have.

arroz con pollo
cornish game hen, salad, stuffed potato

I used to miss the variety of foods in the states, but now we usually make those things at home….sometimes it may be a one time deal; other times we do it regularly. Cooking shows are inspirational sometimes; other times it looks like more junk food.

home made lox
making tortillas
home made nglish muffins

We’re people who eat everything….all kinds of meats (including organ meat), fish and shellfish….so it’s amazing that sometimes we can’t decide. Our daughter is vegetarian so we usually make our side dish vegie style (eg: rice and beans without ham, etc.).

Eat what we grow....and more

Although we’ve been asked if we grow everything we eat, I have to answer that we eat so much more than we grow. Bananas and plantains, passion fruit, guava, pumpkin, chayote and herbs are seasonally grown and sometimes our garden will have kale, tomatoes, eggplants or other vegies, but the supermarkets around won’t go out of business as long as we’re shopping.

stuffed chayote
sapote in breadfruit tree

Good left overs for our worker's breakfast

veal stew

Sample Menus

 Chicken marsala and pasta

Yellow rice with ham and coleslaw

Beef and broccoli lo mein

Turkey guisado (stew) with vegies and white rice

Roast pork with rice and beans

Fish n chips (sweet potato fries)

Whole grouper with rice and pigeon peas with bollas (banana dumplings)

shrimp appetizer
grouper eaten to the bones

So...what are you going to eat tonight?

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  1. Martha Moya

    You made me hungry. Nice variety. Makes me want to visit you guys. Enjoy🥰

  2. Sonia

    Nice yummy dishes…missed some while there…keep on cooking.

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