I came to Puerto Rico in 1984 to put an addition on the “vacation” house I bought with my sister. Centrally located in the mountains between Arecibo and Utuado, the 42-acre site is hidden within limestone peaks.

We became farmers in 1989

Thirty-five years is a long time to carve a place in the jungle and soon my vacation house became TJ Ranch, home to me and my partner, Tony, and our two children, TJ and Tina. Tony left the beach area and the restaurant world to come to the mountains and become a farmer. We raised animals: goats, chickens, rabbits and pigs…we planted citrus and coffee. It was a natural evolvement from farming to the “hospitality” business. We had a loft in the house and then built a cottage. We made a camping area and a pool and that’s how it all started.

And then TJ Ranch became a B&B  / Guest House

People came from all over the world…and a favorite spot for birders

TJ Ranch was well known for its food…starting with a welcome Coquito drink, a varied menu and full breakfast.

In 2000 we began construction for a “real” guest house/ B&B…three cottages and an open air restaurant. We opened in 2001 and for the next 16 years, we entertained guests from all over the world. September 20, 2017 changed all that. Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico.

The green tarps are visible covering the restaurant and yellow casita